Prix Christian Benoît

The Prix Christian Benoît-Christian Benoît Award and the Association Christian Benoît (ACB) were initiated to honor the memory of Christian Benoît. The Award is intended to be given to a young researcher whose work shows great promise and will be given to a doctoral graduate whose PhD and further scientific work is in the Speech Communication domain. The award provides financial support for the development of a multi-media product promoting his/her work. Preference will be given to scientists whose thesis was awarded within the five years prior to the application deadline.
AVISA has made a substantial contribution to the monetary award. For further details, contact Pascal Perrier.
➤➤➤ The call for the Ninth Christian Benoît Award is now out. The deadline for this call is May 29, 2017. All the details are here.

Past awardees of Prix Christian Benoît are:

2015 - Mathilde Fort from Center for Brain and Cognition at University Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain
2013 - Samer Al Moubayed from KTH
2011 - Thomas Hueber from Gipsa-lab
2009 - Sascha Fagel from the Berlin Institute of Technology
2007 - Susanne Fuchs from ZAS in Berlin
2004 - Olov Engwal from KTH in Stockholm
2002 - Johanna Barry, Bionic Ear Institute, University of Melbourne, Australia
2000 - Tony Ezzat, Centre for Biological and Computational Learning, MIT, Massachusetts, USA