Prix Christian Benoît

The Prix Christian Benoît-Christian Benoît Award and the Association Christian Benoît (ACB) were initiated to honor the memory of Christian Benoît. The Award is intended to be given to a young researcher whose work shows great promise and will be given to a doctoral graduate whose PhD and further scientific work is in the Speech Communication domain. The award provides financial support for the development of a multi-media product promoting his/her work. Preference will be given to scientists whose thesis was awarded within the five years prior to the application deadline.
AVISA has made a substantial contribution to the monetary award. For further details, contact Gérard Bailly.
➤➤➤ The deadline for the 11th call is May 14, 2021. All the details are here.

Past awardees of Prix Christian Benoît are:

2019 - Sankar Mukherjee from Center for Translational Neurophysiology of Speech and Communication (CTNSC), Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Ferrara, Italy
2017 - Marcin Włodarczak from Linguistic dpt,. Stockholm University, Sweden
2015 - Mathilde Fort from Center for Brain and Cognition at University Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain
2013 - Samer Al Moubayed from KTH, Sweden
2011 - Thomas Hueber from Gipsa-lab, France
2009 - Sascha Fagel from the Berlin Institute of Technology, Germany
2007 - Susanne Fuchs from ZAS in Berlin, Germany
2004 - Olov Engwal from KTH in Stockholm, Sweden
2002 - Johanna Barry, Bionic Ear Institute, University of Melbourne, Australia
2000 - Tony Ezzat, Centre for Biological and Computational Learning, MIT, Massachusetts, USA